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Roundfund App

What is RoundFund?

ROUNDFUND is a straightforward way of circulating money among individuals and entities who can take turns to pool and pull their financial resources towards each other’s needs and goals.

It is creating a community of circles funding and saving with purpose. Literally the money does go round and round, spinning the wheel of impact and making continuous improvements in lives and small businesses.

iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4.2+ required

Take Control of Your Money

ROUND MONEY - Manage your Round on your mobile phone for GOOD Interest.

ROUND TRAVEL - Get in on amazing deals curated for the Round Community. Pick your next destination and start paying in rounds.

ROUND DEALS - Find the best deals on shopping and things to do. Save up to 50% every week.

ROUND VEST- Expand, hire staff, boost cash flow or fund your next step with finance that arrives in days.

ROUND PROPERTY - Fund property development through peer to peer savings.

ROUND CREDIT - Get a loan with a low, fixed rate that never goes up.

ROUND COVER - We’ll make sure you and the things you love are protected worldwide from as little as $1.00 per day.

Invest in impact for good interest

The money you contribute in round fund to your round partners does earn ''GOOD'' returns. It contributes to changing the lives of others, better lives, better communities and even a better economy in which you can do more and generate more through economic activities.

Zero Charge

No transaction charges within the Application

Live statement

View and monitor your account anytime

Human Intervention

Our support team is ready to intervene 24/7

Swift settlement

Payments to your account are done immediately after request.

Multi-Currency Wallet

You can switch between currencies in your wallet

100% security

All transactions are perfomed in a blockchain

Effortless savings

Taking down the barriers between money and wealth.

iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4.2+ required

Frequently asked questions

Once you have signed-up on our application, select the add (more) button (+), then Create a new ROUND in any of the available offerings to register your ROUND. You will then complete a form with all your ROUND details including your ROUND name, description, payout cycle, payout amount and visibility.

After registering your ROUND on our platform, you can invite members by selecting your Round Name and then the more button (+) which will now allow you to add members using their name and mobile number. You have a choice to leave your round public.

The minimum number of your Roundmoney Round members required is three.

The core foundation of all RoundMoney ROUNDs which members rely on is TRUST. In most cases, members likely know each other on a personal level (family, friends or colleagues). If you choose to join a RoundMoney ROUND found on our app where you do not personally know any of the members; we encourage you to firstly to verify the particpants’ integrity before committing. Joining a RoundMoney ROUND that you do not know the members of can be a high risk.

For every payout cycle you conclude within your ROUND, you get an integrity point which other people and services will use to rate you probability of defaulting. The more integrity a person has, the more you can trust to join their ROUND or to let them join yours.

Our APP is compatible with any tablet or smartphone device running either Android 4.2 (upwards) or iOS 8.0 (upwards)

You can deposit money into your Roundfund Account by clicking on your wallet option on the bottom menu drawer. From the wallet you can select the deposit option which will you give you a mobile money or debit card option. This will prompt you to enter your details and the deposit amount, which will authenticate on your phone. You wallet balance will always show you current balance in multiple currencies and your statement will show all your activities.

Our app is linked to various agent outlets. When you Make a Deposit into your Roundfund Account, you have an option to do an Agent Deposit payment. This allows you to make cash payments at any of our Agents’ money counter. You will get a unique payment reference number which you will use to update your wallet.

After your Roundfund Payout has been approved, Your money will reflect in your wallet as RoundCoin. You can then at any time withdraw your equivalent amount through your bank or mobile money. All you need to do is go to wallet and select withdraw the add or select the account you intend to put the money in.  Roundfund will do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to your nominated bank account or mobile money account within 24 hours. How long it takes for those funds to reflect on your bank account? It will depend on the processing by your bank of choice. Mobile money is ussually instant.

You can do a cash withdrawal at the Roundfund banking hall. You will need to initiate the withdrawal in your application and use the unique RoundCode to claim the cash payout at the counter.

All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, privacy and security. Upon signup, you set up your own 4-digit secret PIN code to access and transact on our app. Even Roundfund’s staff does not have any access to your PIN.